Adrian Rowles is an international real estate consultant member of a global network of game changing estate agents powered by eXp technology and services modernising the legacy estate agency business, as one of the fastest-growing residential real estate brokerages in the world breaking boundaries globally via cloud-based technologies.

Adrian is also a financial advisor working with international professionals and expats who are aligned with my expertise to build a financial blueprint with a structured process that puts all the pieces of the puzzle together, so that you will have the complete picture.

Our world has changed. Technology is evolving at record speed, along with the aftermath of the global pandemic and worldwide lockdowns, future trends have been brought forward changing the way we interact in both work and play in a world without borders.

Being both a real estate agent and financial advisor is a unique skillset for clients to take advantage for a much higher probability of long-term consistent profitability from investment real estate and the financial markets.

Following the pandemic and lockdowns, I am coming across more people now reassessing their homes (as many are now working from home & rethinking their location) and diversifying additional sources of income-generating wealth with real estate.

Let me know if I can help be your resource for everything real estate related.

Adrian has been enjoying an international lifestyle in Tokyo, Japan for the last decade with his wife Yukari, and now allocates most of his time between UK and Japan, helping 1st-time home buyers thru to property investors looking to purchase in a Limited Company Structure for increased tax efficiency, Investment property, Buy-to-Let, Income-producing real estate, Vacation properties, Luxury & Lifestyle homes.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Get in touch

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